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S890QL steel equivalent angle bars

Nowadays, transportation is an important factor in economic development. Our company's rapid development is also inseparable from a good geographical location. The company is located in Zhengzhou, an important S890QL steel equivalent heavy industry area in Central China. Whether you are in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, you can visit our company very easily. My factory is nearby, convenient transportation and time saving.

Our main product Q345R steel plate: we have large stock of Q345R heavy plates, Q345RN and Q345R(HIC) steel plate inventory. Size (mm): 8*2200*10000, 6*2150*10500, 27*2000*5700, 14*2730*4300, 32*2800*4150, 13*1600*5400, 44*2000*2000, 18*2150*4150, 7*1800*9850, 56*2980*3700, 13*1600*5400, 8*2000*5000, 18*1980*8000, 7*1800*9700, 54*2600*3880, 12.7*2230*7800, 24*2000*3150, 13*2000*6000, 7*1800*9770, 54*2500*3900, 12.7*2230*7850, 24*2640*3250, 12*2840*4850, 7*1800*9780, 53*1530*5415.

High strength steel is a kind of steel often used in engineering construction. With the improvement of technical level, the research and development of high strength steel in China has made remarkable achievements. The application of high strength steel S890QL steel equivalent in the construction field can reduce the steel consumption and building volume, and improve the building weight. That is one of the important reason why the high strength steel is so warmly welcomed nowadays.

Medium and high carbon alloy hot rolled plates are mainly used in cold rolling and calendering, saw blades and tool industries. The company has taken advantage of smelting, hot rolled S890QL steel equivalent plate and coil finishing equipment and technical advantages, and has successfully developed a batch of high-carbon and its alloy steel and medium-carbon high-alloy S890QL steel equivalent steel hot-rolled coils with the goal of replacing imports. The iron oxide scale is delivered and trusted by high-end users.

S890QL steel equivalent, Q690D steel is a high-strength welded structural steel grade. Q the first letter of the Chinese spelling of Qu for the yield strength of steel; 690 represents the yield strength value, the unit is MPa, and D represents the grade of the steel plate; -20 ; common steel plate quality grade steel plates are Q690A, Q690B, Q690C, Q690D, Q690E.

We should focus on the main problems to be solved and pay attention to efficiency. After receiving the user's quality objection report data, the possible causes, responsible units, compensation amount, etc. of the problem shall be judged based on experience. To have a clear service plan, to be clear about what your main problem is, what technical support is needed, these should be prepared.

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