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S460QL Carbon and Low-alloy High-strength Structural Steel

S460QL carbon and low-alloy structural steel is a quenched and tempered high strength steel produced according to EN10025-6. S460QL Steel plates have good welding and formability, and can be used in the production of precision components. S460QL steel plates are widely used as building structural parts and metal components for offshore wind turbines, port foundation piles, and earthmoving equipments in the civil engineering, construction and marine engineering industries.

S460QL carbon structural steel plates come in various sizes and thicknesses. The maximum thickness of plates is up to 200mm. And the width of the material is up to 3200mm. The length of the material can be up to 12 meters long.

Grade Testing direction Material-No. Yield point ReL min. (MPa)

≤ 16 mm
Yield point ReL min. (MPa)

16 ≤ 40 mm
Tensile strengtd Rm (MPA)

3 ≤ 50 mm
Tensile strengtd Rm (MPA)

50 ≤ 100 mm
Elongation A5 (in %) min. Impact value Temp. °C Impact value KV / J
S460Q Q 1.8908 460 440 550 - 720 550 - 720 17 0 40
S460QL Q 1.8906 460 440 550 - 720 550 - 720 17 0 50
S460QL1 Q 1.8916 460 440 550 - 720 550 - 720 17 0 60

In terms of composition, S460QL steel contains a certain amount of carbon and low-alloy elements. The chemical composition of S460QL as follows: C≤0.22, Si≤0.50, Mn≤1.50, P≤0.025, S≤0.030, Nb≤0.03%, Cr≤0.30, Mo≤0.5, N≤0.012, Cu≤0.55,Ti≤0.05,V≤0.05, Al≥0.015, B≤0.008.

EN10025 S460QL structural steel also has excellent mechanical properties, it has a minimum 690Mpa yield strength. The tensile strength of the material amounts to 760-930 MPa, and the elongation value stands at 14-15%. Under normal temperatures, the impact energy of S460QL steel plates is min26J.

S460QL steel shares the same chemical composition with the S460Q alloy steel, so the two materials can be considered as equivalent. Both materials are internationally recognized standards, and their use depends on the intended application, government regulations and customer preferences. In terms of mechanical properties, S460QL steel has a good impact resistance and high strength, making it an ideal choice for various industries. The material can be considered a equivalent to S460Q alloy steel.


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