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What are the top ten S890QL steel equivalent hot rolled plates mills in Vietnam

Vigorously develop circular economy: the company adheres to the development path of circular economy, realizes the efficient utilization of energy and S890QL steel equivalent resources, implements "four closed circuits" for renewable gas, industrial water, solid waste and waste heat steam according to the reduction of resource consumption - reuse - recycling, vigorously promotes advanced technologies such as energy-saving new technologies, new processes, S890QL steel equivalent new materials, and promotes the competition of enterprises Struggle.

Q420q steel material is a kind of structural steel plate for bridges, the grades are Q420qD, Q420qE, Q420qF.
Q420q steel chemical composition: C: ≤0.11, Si: ≤0.55, Mn: 1.0-1.7, Nb: 0.01-0.09, V: 0.01-0.08, Ti: 0.006-0.03, Cr: ≤0.50, Ni: ≤0.30, Cu: ≤0.30, N : ≤0.008, Al: 0.01-0.045.
Steel delivery status: delivered in the thermomechanical rolling state, and the steel plate should be trimmed for delivery.

20# steel is carbon steel with carbon content of about 0.20%. It belongs to low carbon steel with high quality. The equivalent material of 20# steel is S20C. 20# steel has low strength and hardness, good plasticity and toughness, good carburizing effect and good weldability. 20# steel is often used to make pressure parts (such as gasket, chain piece), carburizing parts (gear, CAM), welding parts, plastic mold, etc.

The composition characteristics of low alloy high strength steel are low carbon ≤0.20%, low alloy, and total alloying elements is less than 3%. The low carbon content is to meet the process performance requirements of S890QL steel equivalent, low alloy high strength steel for engineering structural parts such as plasticity, toughness, weldability and cold deformation; adding a small amount of alloying elements (mainly Mn) to achieve the purpose of improving mechanical properties. Mn not only has a significant strengthening effect on ferrite, it can also reduce the cold brittle temperature of steel, increase the amount of pearlite in the steel, and further improve the strength.

ASTM a588 is a high strength low alloy HSLA steel (high strength, low alloy) containing a small amount of alloying elements copper, chromium and AMP. Nickel. These alloying elements effectively improve the properties of a588 and expand its application range. Firstly, the alloy composition increases the S890QL steel equivalent yield point strength to 50 Ksi and the tensile strength to 70 Ksi. Secondly, a588 S890QL steel equivalent has high copper content, atmospheric corrosion resistance and long working time. Because of its excellent comprehensive performance, a588 angle steel is widely used in bridge, building and other structural fields.

The company's products S890QL steel equivalent have excellent quality, reasonable prices and strong usability, and are well received by users. Survive by quality, expand the market with integrity, continuously research and develop new products, expand varieties, to meet market demand, and make the company continue to grow. The needs and interests of users are our high philosophy of service and commitment, and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

There is a careful, patient, enthusiastic and thoughtful after-sales team, a professional distribution, ultra-efficient warehouse and logistics center, a marketing team with marketing expertise, an innovative technology center with strong steel technology, an experienced manufacturing center with rigorous professionalism Quality Inspection Center, an operation team with many years of administrative management experience. Such a strong combination of teams makes BEBON a steel giant in Henan Province.

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