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S690QL1 High-Strength Steel Plate with low temperature impact

S690QL1 steel refers to high-strength boards with a yield strength of 690Mpa, high-strength boards with low temperature impact of minus 40 degrees and minus 60 degrees, and the corresponding number is 1.8988. Implementing the EN 10025-6 standard, it is a single rolled plate, which has been widely used in various construction machinery and marine engineering in Europe.

S690QL1 steel plate is a kind of high-strength steel plate which is much higher than general marine steel. On the basis of low carbon, it participates in alloying elements of progressive permeability to obtain a mixed structure of low-carbon martensite and upper bainite, and has higher carbon Equivalent; its welding has the main characteristics of heat, crack, cold crack, hardening tendency and strong sensitivity to hydrogen-induced cracking, and poor weldability.

S690QL1 Steel Plate Delivery and Implementation Specifications

Delivery condition: It is delivered in quenched and tempered condition, and one or several alloying elements can be added as required to obtain the maximum value of the specified properties. Implementation specifications: S690QL1 steel plate is a European standard high-strength plate, which implements the EN10025-6 specification; the buyer can add flaw detection specification requirements, flaw detection grade requirements, and alloy element composition control requirements, etc., but it needs to be negotiated in advance by both the supplier and the buyer, and sign an agreement.

Production process of S690QL1 steel plate

Steelmaking process: The steelmaking process shall comply with the rules of EN10025-1 specification. If there are rules when ordering, the steelmaking process should be explained to the buyer. Deoxidation method or grain specification: S460Q steel must be completely stabilized. The steel should have a fine grain structure and sufficient nitrogen-fixing elements.

Detail specification for S690QL1 steel plate

Specifications: Thickness: 8-150mm, Width: 1600-4020mm, Length: 6000-17500mm. S690QL1 steel plate Beibang Steel Plant accepts order rolling.



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EN 10025-6 S690QL High Strength Steels